progress on method-gc / mangling questions

Alexandre Petit-Bianco
Mon Jan 21 15:02:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz writes:
> Okay, questions first, then an explanation of why I'm asking them...
>   - Is there any documentation on the java symbol mangling procedure?

Yes. It is implied that it follows the C++ 3.0 (known as gnu-v3 in
c++filt,) which used to be specified here

>     Are there any guarantees about its stability in future releases?
>     (I would guess that there are no guarantees, but I could be
>     wrong).

I would think it is in for the long run.

>        __CT_


>        __IF_

Implemented interface

>        __CD_

Constant data

>        __CT_

Constant constructor

>        __FL_

class fields

>        __MT_

class methods

(These you can find in the java front-end sources.)

>       __ZTVN4

Vtables (not valid as reported here. Could be _ZTVN4java4lang5ClassE,
vtable for java::lang::Class.)


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