link problems under darwin5.2

Andreas Tobler
Fri Jan 11 12:28:00 GMT 2002

Andreas Tobler wrote:
> Tom Tromey wrote:
> > I think I've found my problem.
> > According to the GNU ar info page:
> >
> >      However, too many different systems assume quick append rebuilds
> >      the index, so GNU ar implements `q' as a synonym for `r'.

Just had a look into the sources of ar (binutils-
The part where it says 'We don't use do_quick_append any more. Too many
systems expect ar to always rebuild the symbol table even when q is
used' is #if'ed 0.

A quick try of the cases you demonstrated before work both on my
LinuxPPC box.

ar qc libdumb.a foo.o
ar qc libdumb.a z/foo.o

ar -tv libdump.a gives both foo.o, also when fed on one line.

So, can't we use qc then?


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