LC_MESSAGES on darwin

Andreas Tobler
Wed Jan 9 14:07:00 GMT 2002

Hi Tom,

your latest patch breaks the darwin build since LC_MESSAGES is not
defined on darwin. 
I have an idea how to treat that but I'm totally confused.

I'd like to use HAVE_LC_MESSAGES.

In autoconf/header/aclocal there is a macro AM_LC_MESSAGES (seen in
gcc/gcc) where do I place what? 
I know silly question :-) 
As a result I expect something in auto-host.h. But where do I put
AM_LC_MESSAGES if I have to? Do I have to put the block from
gcc/gcc/aclocal.m4 (see below) in the one from java? 
Sorry I don't see the relation of conf/header/local.
How is the procedure to get this done?

A cheaper, maybe dirty way would be in

#if !defined LC_MESSAGES && !defined __LOCALE_H
# define LC_MESSAGES 1729

What do you think?


# Check whether LC_MESSAGES is available in <locale.h>.
# Ulrich Drepper <>, 1995.
# This file can be copied and used freely without restrictions.  It can
# be used in projects which are not available under the GNU General
# License or the GNU Library General Public License but which still want
# to provide support for the GNU gettext functionality.
# Please note that the actual code of the GNU gettext library is covered
# by the GNU Library General Public License, and the rest of the GNU
# gettext package package is covered by the GNU General Public License.
# They are *not* in the public domain.

# serial 2

  [if test $ac_cv_header_locale_h = yes; then
      [AC_TRY_LINK([#include <locale.h>], [return LC_MESSAGES],
       am_cv_val_LC_MESSAGES=yes, am_cv_val_LC_MESSAGES=no)])
    if test $am_cv_val_LC_MESSAGES = yes; then
        [Define if your <locale.h> file defines LC_MESSAGES.])

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