link problems under darwin5.2

Andreas Tobler
Mon Jan 7 11:06:00 GMT 2002

Jeff Sturm wrote:
> Duh.  I thought "cq" and wrote "qu".  Thanks :)

Did it as well with "cq", ok.
> > Well, this works so far, I only get one undefined symbol. Only one
> > _alloca is still missing, will find this as well.
> It might be safe to use __builtin_alloca everwhere we have alloca.
> (Didn't AG already submit a patch for that?)

Where do I look for this patch? On the java patches or on gcc patches?
Who is AG?
> One possible explanation is a broken ar.  Another (more likely, IMO) is
> command line length limits: if libtool runs ar in one sweep it's probably
> fine, but if it must split the command, the 2nd invocation will operate on
> an existing archive, in which case the existing members are subject to
> replacement.

I see on my side (darwin) that it says piecewise linking, have to check
on solaris tomorrow.

Thanks for explaining the details!


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