Revised clarifications for patch-testing instructions

Gerald Pfeifer
Sat Jan 5 05:31:00 GMT 2002

[ Moved from gcc-patches to gcc and java ]

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> With this base patch got in, one thing I think should be done next is
> merging java/contrib.html into the main instructions rather than having
> duplication.

I agree.  The kind of duplication we have (had) with the libstdc++ and
java pages has caused inconsistencies in the past, and we should continue
to reduce these.

> In particular, java/contrib.html gives details of how to cite PRs in
> ChangeLog entries and commit messages, and how the commit message should
> be derived from the ChangeLog entries, that I think should be applied
> generally for GCC.

Definitely! This is some part where the GCJ rules and guidelines are
better than what we have (documented) for the rest of GCC.

It would be great could one of the Java folks work on merging (all or
at least parts of) java/contrib.html into our main instructions.

Also, could we move java/projects.html to projects/java.html and add
a link from java/index.html to the Java projects page?

(Patches for both changes are pre-approved.)

Gerald "Jerry"

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