section-gc and gcj

Adam Megacz
Fri Jan 4 20:11:00 GMT 2002

Anthony Green <> writes:
> On Thu, 2002-01-03 at 22:08, Adam Megacz wrote:
> > - Do -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections work with gcj?

> I tried this a few weeks ago on x86 Linux and it worked fine.

> > - If the above works, and I manually strip the symbols of functions I
> >   know I won't use, and I enable section-gc in the linker, will the
> >   linker properly drop such functions?

> I believe so.

rock on....

> > - (kinda OT) does anybody know if the latest mingw ld offers
> >   section-gc? 

> Section GC has been part of GNU ld for some time now (on the order of
> years now).  Does mingw ld == GNU ld?

Yes, although I keep hearing that it's missing bunches of
features. Absence of weak symbols (due to the limitations of the PE
format) was mentioned on this list a while back.

> I don't know if section GC works for non-ELF targets (which I assume
> mingw is).

Hrm, I shall investigate.

  - a

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