What to do about java.version?

Per Bothner per@bothner.com
Wed Feb 27 14:51:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz wrote:
> Shouldn't the java.vm.version be the gcc version, while java.version
> would be the highest jdk number with which gcj is compatable (at least
> 1.1, perhaps 1.2)?

Who knows?  I don't know of any specification - what the jdk 1.4 javadoc
says (under System.getProperties) is grossly under-specified.

Note there is a java.vm.specification.version
which perhaps should be the highest jdk number with which
gcj is (more-or-less) compatable.

But it seems that "java.version" and "java.vendor" should be consistent,
and "java.vendor" should (perhaps) be "GNU" or "Gcc project", then that
suggests java.version should be the java.vendor's version.

The real answer is: How do people use these properties?  Whatever people
(tend to) use to print oout as "running under" should use the gcc
version.  Whatever people tend to use to check for features should
probably use the closest matching jdk version number.
	--Per Bothner
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