jni and static libgcj and friends?

Martin Kahlert martin.kahlert@infineon.com
Tue Feb 26 07:57:00 GMT 2002

Hi Jeff,
thanks for your help.

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 09:42:01AM -0500, Jeff Sturm wrote:
> > I thought that possibly libgcj is created without -fPIC
> libgcj.a is always built without -fPIC, whether or not you
> --enable-shared.  You may have noticed that libtool compiles each source
> twice, once with PIC, once without.
No. I did not know that. But now it's clearer to me, why it lasts that long.

> In theory you could build libgcj with -prefer-pic and get what you want...
> I tried this and it didn't seem to work.
So you do not see any way to produce one standalone shared lib for that?

Thanks again,

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