gcj build failure

Pedro pub.pedrohj@sapo.pt
Mon Feb 25 14:25:00 GMT 2002

 Pedro>    Having installed gcc-3.0.4 with no errors and 
configured Pedro gcj-3.0.4, when trying to build gcj, an error 
occurs (...)
 Pedro> System used:
 Pedro> ------------                                  
 Pedro>   PC i686                                     
 Pedro>   Cygwin                                      
 Pedro>   WinME

Tom> gcj 3.0.4 wasn't ported to Windows.  In fact, for
Tom> your use, I think
Tom> gcj 3.1 won't work either. 

Oh no! I installed cygwin and gcc to use gcj... :-(

Are there any plans for a future release that suports cygwin?
(I am willing to help)

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