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Göran Thyni goran@kirra.net
Mon Feb 25 01:57:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 10:07:59PM +0000, Gordan Bobic wrote:
> 4) Would it be possible for the GCJ compiled binaries to be made available 
> for Linux/FreeBSD in addition to the daily .jar image? Most distributions 
> still do not come with GCC v3, and even for those that do, latest snapshots 
> of GCC/GCJ v3 seem to be required to make things work. Since the CVS snapshot 
> seems to have the required Makefile sections for GCJ building, it would be 
> VERY nice to have a downloadable statically linked binary available for 
> download. A dynamically linked binary with a sufficiently up-to-date GCJ 
> library would be even nicer, even if it is without any sort of fancy 
> packaging.

As other answered: no, not as this time.
I use pre-3.1 CVS snapshots for my experiments with freenet and gcj.
3.1 is much better then 3.0 BUT at this time it is still not up to
the task of compiling freenet out-of-the-box.
3.1 is scheduled for release in April so I doubt all the fixes needed
will be in that one.
Compilers are complicated things but I (we) can do a bit to help
the development, at least by reporting bugs to the GCC team. 
The Freenet codebase is a great testbed for a Java compiler.

Hopefully release 3.2 scheduled for September 2002 is feature
complete enough to make a stable gcj compiled freenet node

Here is the plan for GCC releases:

I CC:ed this to java@gcc.gnu.org to perhaps get some comments from
the GCJ developers.

Göran Thyni

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