Problems merging DNS JNDI code

Pete Chown
Wed Feb 20 04:46:00 GMT 2002


Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions.  Hopefully this should get me
up to speed when I next look at the integration (I have to spend a few
days on some other things first).

Tom Tromey wrote:

> gcc recently changed its Dwarf-2 (debugging) output format.
> These messages mean you need a new binutils that can understand the
> new output.

Fair enough.  Do I need a CVS version of binutils too, or is a recent
release version enough?

BTW, is there a "roadmap" for libjava anywhere?  I would be interested
to know what the long term plan is.  Is the intention to try to keep up
with Sun in adding new APIs, or is there some other target?

I think it is a worry that so much free software has been written for
Java which is not itself free.  Sun seems uninterested in doing even
trivial things to make the Apache people's lives easier.

With this in mind it would be nice if there was a clearly specified
alternative.  It would be nice to say, "Write to this spec and your
software will work with gcj and free JVMs X and Y."


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