CNI from apache module

Bryce McKinlay
Mon Feb 18 23:46:00 GMT 2002

Per Bothner wrote:

> There are some issues with threading.  I experimented with both
> --with-mpm=prefork and --with-mpm-threaded.  You'd like to use use 
> 'threaded', both for performance and because you want all "servlets"
> to share a single JVM.  However, then you may have to kludge various
> things.  For example you need to make sure that gc.h is included so
> that the GC can be notified of thread changes.  I tried #include <gc.h>
> in srclib/apr/pthread.h. 

We could probibly (should) make JvAttachCurrentThread and 
JvDetachCurrentThread do the neccessary thread registration and 
de-registration with the collector. That way changes to apache itself 
should be avoidable.



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