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shudo@computer.org shudo@computer.org
Fri Feb 8 02:02:00 GMT 2002

> Andreas> [titanium:~] andreast% gij my_sqrt
> Andreas> sqrt_int: -2147483648
> Andreas> sqrt_double: NaN
> Andreas> sqrt_long: -9223372034707292160

> I haven't looked into it more deeply than this.  It does suggest that
> the f2* and d2* instructions in the interpreter might need to be
> modified to handle the special cases.

I second you. Java spec needs `(int) NaN' translated to `0'.
The gij does not treat the special case, I guess.

The f2i, f2l, d2i and d2l instructions have to handle NaN specially.
Unfortunately, this means those instructions involve a conditional

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