GCJ problem on RS/6000

Martyn Honeyford MARTYNH@uk.ibm.com
Thu Feb 7 05:37:00 GMT 2002


There has been a question posted on the discussion forum for my
developerWorks article;

The question is;
"I am testing gcj on my rs6000, but the compilation failed on the assembler
phase (as),
because of usage of the character "$" on some tags, generates by the gcj
Is there an option to prevent usage of this character, or an alternative to
use of as ?"

Anyone able to help?
I presume he is using AIX, but he doesn't explicitly state that, so he may
be using Linux.

If the solution is posted here, I will copy it to the discussion forum, or
feel free to answer
directly there.



Martyn Honeyford.

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