mingw port and Wine?

Adam Megacz gcj@lists.megacz.com
Wed Feb 6 12:01:00 GMT 2002

Anthony Green <green@redhat.com> writes:
> Do the executables you generate right now run with Wine?

Well, I just tried HelloWorld on debian-unstable's wine, and it
worked. XWT fails thusly:

  err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x41150b58
  Wine failed with return code 1

> I'm just curious if there's a quick 'n dirty dejagnu hack to
> build/test your mingw cross all under Linux.

I'm a bit concerned about doing testing that way -- I don't have faith
that it would detect misakes in thread-handling, mutexes, and other
concurrency stuff. Wine can be more forgiving than the real Windows.

My current solution is to ssh to a cygwin machine which smb-mounts the
fs holding the gcc tree. That's part of XWT's build process.

Once I get my stuff checked in, I'll switch over to working on getting
dejagnu going, perhaps making the hostname of a cygwin machine (and
path back to the gcc tree on that machine) a configurable.

  - a

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