propose to rename natPlainSocketImpl to natPosixPlainSocketImpl

Brian Jones
Sat Feb 2 20:22:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz <> writes:

> > Another approach would be to define a more complete OS API and then
> > have a single (e.g.) which used the abstract API.  I think
> > this would be more work, and perhaps harder to maintain, but I don't
> > have any real objection to it.
> I like this, and I think the API could be something as simple as the
> set of native methods in You just have to implement each of
> them in <your-platform>.cc. No extra effort specifying an API; it's
> implicitly contained in
> This is what I meant by the "other extreme" -- one C++ file per
> platform instead of one C++ file per class.

Although GNU does not have one that I know of, Mozilla includes NSPR
and Apache 2.0 now has APR.  Both of these are platform agnostic APIs
for I/O, threading, etc.  I'm somewhat interested in making APR an
option for Classpath's JNI code.  The Apache license should not cause
any issues with Classpath though it may be for GCJ.

Brian Jones <>

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