input line is too long

Erik Poupaert
Mon Dec 30 15:43:00 GMT 2002

>>>> I think I compared jikes and gcj -C a year or so ago.
>>>> As I recall they were comparable in performance.

I was actually comparing the time it takes to create a .class file to the
time it takes to create a .o file.
But then again, gcj doesn't compile slowlier than VC6 or VC.NET grinding a
comparable C++ source tree.

I've been trying to link a SWT helloworld application with a .lib version of
the jni stuff in SWT (swt-win32-XXXX.lib). I'd like to get rid of this
separate jni-dll.

Therefore, I disabled the loadLibrary() call in SWT's I've
tried to recompile the jni stuff with a modified jni_md.h. To no avail.
Maybe the -fjni option requires the jni stuff to sit in a separate dll? Does
anybody know what steps to take?

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