input line is too long

Erik Poupaert
Mon Dec 23 08:07:00 GMT 2002

(1) As far as I know gcj will find source files whenever they are
referenced.  If not, please let me see a test case.
(2) > GCJ never manages to solve dependencies in the jar that it is busy
 > compiling.
Again, please send a test case.
(3) > GCJ goes abend on .class files generated
 > with the JDK1.4 javac; something to do with the exception tables in
 > in the .class files.

Ok. I'm working on these ones. They fail to show up on "Hello World"-sized
sources. I'll send you the test cases. Let me know if you think I should
file a bug report.

>>>> If the difference is between jikes and gcj generating object files,
>>>> then I'm not surprised at all.  Generating bytecode is quite trivial
>>>> in comparison with generating assembler and assembling it.

I haven't tried to generated bytecode with GCJ. I was indeed comparing jikes
generating bytecode versus GCJ generating object files.

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