Report on GCJ as packaging tool for SWT applications

Øyvind Harboe
Thu Dec 19 12:45:00 GMT 2002

> Øyvind> A minor issue: I couldn't find a way to turn off the warning 
> Øyvind> below (-Wno-unreachable-bytecode did not work). ....
> Øyvind> org/eclipse/swt/graphics/ 
> warning: unreachable bytecode from 2061 to before 2064
> Yes.  I had a patch to add a flag to suppress this warning, 
> but it was rejected.  I don't think any such flag will be forthcoming.

I've been playing with GCJ all day today and I miss the ability
to remove this warning. I get >100 warnings every time I compile.

Q: Was the objection to your patch an objection to the feature or the

If it was an objection to the feature, I would urge whoever decides 
these things to reconsider: 

GCJ can be used as a packaging tool and these warnings 
pop up when compiling 3rd party JARs(which otherwise work fine). 
I have no intention of recompiling e.g. Apache Regex when it 
works just fine the way it is, except for the warnings.


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