Using gcj as an extension language

Erik Poupaert
Thu Dec 19 10:49:00 GMT 2002

Tom Tromey wrote:
> I'm pretty interested in helping people write GUI applications using
> gcj.  We still haven't found our "killer app".
Ranjit Mattew wrote:
>>>> Though not a "killer app" per se, I believe that SWT could be it.

It's indeed a large and underserved market. I've started looking into GCJ,
because I was looking for a replacement for applications companies have been
writing in Visual Basic till now. Java would be a clean OO replacement, if
it weren't for these irritating "platform" things, such as bytecode, dynamic
class loading, and all these other experiments that belong in an isolated
research project and not in a mainstream technology. To-Swing-in-slow-motion
isn't an option either.

>>>> Both GCJ and SWT take a pragmatic approach towards getting the
>>>> job done and getting it done well without having arbitrary hangups
>>>> about being strictly "pure Java".

My most important concerns for the future, with GCJ, is the fear that GCJ
will try to catch up with the JDK as it goes from version 1.4 to 1.5 to
whatever, and implement a frightening array of duplicate technologies,
including the latest hypes, in the core of its class libraries. (AWT,
Swing), (RMI, CORBA, SOAP, ...); and that my executables will get bigger and
bigger and bigger, just like the JRE has now inflated to a staggering 30 Mb.
The Sun JDK has now truly graduated into a fully-fledged monster nest. It's
simply anti-technology.

I just need a replacement for C++, a cleaner OO language, without too much
performance loss, but producing similar kind of executables. I want to do
with GCJ what I would otherwise have to do with C++, including GUIs.

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