Tom Tromey
Mon Dec 16 19:03:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> ">" == Dhek Bhun Kho <> writes:

>> Not all optional tasks have to be removed from ant 1.5.1 it's just
>> the classes dependent on external tasks. That's why I don't want to
>> have a single dso with all the native java classes. Or is there is
>> a simpler approach?

I'm not sure I completely follow, but the multiple shared library
approach does make sense for something like Ant tasks.

>> Is the only way I can get my ant to behave properly by recompiling
>> gcj (e.g.StringTokenizer,MessageFormat)?


I think the StringTokenizer bug still isn't fixed in cvs.  Andrew sent
me a patch today which I'm testing.

I believe the MessageFormat problem has been fixed.

Note that 3.2 is actually pretty old -- from the gcj point of view, it
is really just a renamed 3.1.  A lot has changed since then.

>> ps where do those X-zippy's come from?



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