Porting gcj to Win32/DOS 32bit

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Mon Dec 16 13:10:00 GMT 2002

Does DJGPP support threads?  If so, the DJGPP port of the garbage collector currently doesn't support them.  If not, you're stuck without thread and (correct) finalization support, which makes the language not entirely Java ...


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> Subject: Porting gcj to Win32/DOS 32bit
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> Hello everyone,
> I'm using DJGPP to build a GCC system, with a special purpose of
> making gcj available to DJGPP users that doesn't rely on Cygwin.  I
> hear that getting the java runtime to work (porting it to Win32 or
> DOS-32bit) is the main issue.  To be honest I don't know.
> I've read all the docs - configuring, building and installing GCC.
> I'd like to do a couple of checks to make sure I understand this:  1)
> I need to do a native build, that is `make bootstrap` to get an entire
> GCC system for the Win32/DOS-32bit platform.  2) I need to do
> something about structs - e.g. fnative-struct or something like that?
> I'm a bit lost here, can someone help with any configuration tips for
> building a DJGPP/DOS GCC system that includes gcj?  Oh yes, I am using
> WinXP with the latest DJGPP v2gnu tools and GCC 3.2.1. I am not sure
> if there is any difference between building for Win32 and DOS-32bit,
> perhaps it's a WinMain() thing?
> I need to compile such that the GCC system is built with everything
> static linked, with everything in a separate build directory, e.g.
> C:\djgcc321, so that there will be bin\gcc, bin\g++, bin\gcj, and so
> on, lib\libgcj (or whatever) so I can just zip up the entire build
> directory after the `make install` and redistribute to DJGPP users as
> a binary package.
> If the `make bootstrap` croaks with something like "error: GCC has not
> been ported to i686-pc-msdos please check machines file for your
> platform" (which is what happens when I try to compile emacs) what do
> I have to fiddle with to get an entry for i686-pc-djgpp (for example)
> so that it recognises the build host and target?
> Many thanks,
> James

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