bug in ZipInputStream

Dhek Bhun Kho bhun@chello.nl
Mon Dec 16 12:13:00 GMT 2002

Hi Erik,

Op ma 16-12-2002, om 21:01 schreef Erik Poupaert:

I am not sure if I am of any help, but aren't you supposed to build the 
compiler in a separate directory? 

> It seems unsupported. What's weird however, is the fact that the plain
> cygwin-cygwin compiler doesn't want to configure either:
> $ ./configure --prefix=/cygdrive/c/CygGcc

/-- cvs
 |-----> sources
 |-----> build

cd /cvs/build

> Both makefiles fail anyway. Does anybody know how to configure cygwin as a
If I try to run configure in the sourcetree, the only solution I have to
get a working gcc installation is to clean out everything and reinstall
the sources.

> cross-compiler for mingw. It needs to build a working gcj.exe executable

There's a faq somewhere:
Hope it helps you.

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