GCJ 3.2 for Win32: Updated Snapshot

Kirk Vogen kirkvdevw@us.ibm.com
Tue Dec 10 07:24:00 GMT 2002

> Could please provide some more information about how 
> to get SWT running with GCJ for Win32?

I'll be posting an article on how to do so in early 2003. The article will 
be published on the IBM developerWorks website 
(http://www.ibm.com/developer) and covers SWT 2.x with GCJ on Linux and 

The strategy I'm using is to compile the SWT code into a library (i.e. .a 
file). It first compiles to bytecode, then compiles to .o using the -fjni 
flag, finally it uses 'ar' and 'ranlib' to put it all into a library. I 
then link the library into my application.

This is a similar approach as Ranjit (and Ingo Bormann), except that I'm 
using Ant for everything.

I'll be sure to post to the list when the article is published.



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