GCJ 3.2 for Win32: Updated Snapshot

Ranjit Mathew rmathew@hotmail.com
Tue Dec 10 06:07:00 GMT 2002


     I've updated the GCJ 3.2 Binaries for Win32 (MinGW) snapshot.
You can find the binaries under the "gcj" release in the "release
candidates" package of MinGW on SourceForge:


or download the binaries directly as:


IMPORTANT: If you have installed the previous snapshot, please
delete "libgcj*.*" from the "mingw32/lib" folder before
proceeding - the newer versions of these files are installed
into the "lib" folder instead.

Simply unzip the binaries into your existing MinGW installation
and it should work (I have *not* tested it with the recent GCC
3.2.1 MinGW binaries - only with the GCC 3.2 binaries.)

See my earlier message to the GCJ list for more details:


Please Note:

1. AWT/Swing still do not work (though SWT does!).
2. Exceptions still do not show backtraces.
3. The interpreter (gij) seems to ignore JAR/ZIP files in the
    CLASSPATH, leading to NoClassDefFoundError errors.

As for what has actually improved:
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Changes to GCJ 3.2 for MinGW since the last release (2002-09-26):

2002-12-10  Ranjit Mathew <rmathew@hotmail.com>

     * Java Native Interface (JNI) works now.

     * Fixed bug that caused pesky stabs assembler warnings.

     * The jar tool extracts files in binary mode now.

     * Added system property "gnu.gcj.progname" that gives the name
     by which the program was invoked (similar to argv[0] in C).

     * Removed dependency on the Win32 GetFileAttributesEx( )
     function which is not present on Windows 95.

     * Rearranged code a bit in StringTokenizer to avoid GCJ
     argument evaluation order bug.

     * Migrated to WinSock 2.

     * gcj -C no longer gives errors if the target class file exists.

     * System.loadLibrary( ) works now.

     * gcjh now generates header files with the correct JNIEXPORT
     and JNICALL entries.
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Sincerely Yours,

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