Serialization of empty vector over a socket (redux)

Tom Tromey
Wed Dec 4 17:50:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Jason" == Robertson, Jason V <> writes:

Jason> Long ago I submitted a bug request
Jason> ( and it
Jason> looked like there was a pretty simple solution, but from what I
Jason> can tell it's still not fixed in the 3.2.1 release...  Would
Jason> the same patch
Jason> ( work for
Jason> 3.2.1? 

We didn't really move many bug fixes into 3.2.  I'm usually pretty
focused on the next release, and I historically haven't been very
interested in backporting patches to the dot releases.

Perhaps that should change in the future.  Maybe better dot releases
would be more generally useful?

Jason> Anyone know when it could be included in the core GCJ release?

It will be in 3.3.

Today I think Mark promised that 3.3 would branch by December 15.
According to the development plan this means it should ship Feb 15
(though we've missed the timetable before, so don't bank on it).

I'll probably do some stabilization and release work in there
somewhere, though unfortunately I won't have time to do as much as I
did for 3.1.  I'd appreciate it if anybody who has a platform they
care about would volunteer time for builds and regression tests of the

The branch is good news for us, since there are a few major changes
pending: import of the latest GC, and import of the Gtk+ AWT peers
(I'm going to import them even though they aren't finished, in hopes
of getting help working on them).


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