Linking libgcj, and Java security

Boehm, Hans
Wed Dec 4 13:28:00 GMT 2002

Do we all agree on what the CNI rules are about pointers to collectable objects in C/C++ data structures/libraries? 

I have a secondary concern about the use of static constructors in all of this.  Is there a way to avoid them?  My recollection is that ordering issues eventually got in the way of most other attempts to use constructors in libgcj.  The collector now avoids them.  Their use here also seems brittle to me since the garbage collector (and presumably some Java code?) can be run before main().


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> > Sounds good, if that's indeed the cause of the problem.
> Hmm.. but then this wouldn't catch pointers to collectable 
> objects found
> in C/C++ data/bss.
> AG

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