Cryptography provider

Mark Wielaard
Tue Dec 3 13:35:00 GMT 2002


On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 11:02, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <> writes:
> Mark> Casey made sure that the Bouncy Castle JCE stuff (javax.crypto
> Mark> interfaces) works correctly with gcj and the GNU Crypto provider (a bit
> Mark> like the RHUG stuff, but now all sources and build system are in one
> Mark> place.)
> Mark> A very cool thing of GNU Crypto is that it comes with gcj
> Mark> optimized implementions of some of the algorithms. And the GNU
> Mark> Crypto build system produces a native shared
> Mark> library that can be used directly by gcj compiled programs.
> These are both very cool.  Care to add some links to the main gcj web
> page?  Hint, hint...

That is a good idea. I have put it on my TODO list. I will do it after I
have checked some other issue with GNU Crypto that Raif just showed me
(they use JUnit as testframework and that somehow seems to have stopped
working) with gcj CVS release. As soon as I have established that it
works as security provider out of the box with gcj I will add it (we are
already there or very close).

> Mark> I thought that all problems in Classpath/libgcj
> Mark> were fixed now. What is the remaining known problem in this
> Mark> area?
> PR 7416.  At startup we reference a file called "GNU".
> The fix is to add the VM shortname feature we talked about a couple
> weeks ago.

Ah yes. That should still be fixed.

> PR 3065.  Our doesn't implement aliases.  Or if it does,
> nobody told me and we should just close the PR -- I haven't dug into
> the security code since around the time I submitted this PR.

Sorry forgot to tell you. The patches from Raif that I checked in a
while ago fixed that issue. I even made sure that there were Mauve test
cases. Will close that PR now.

2002-11-16  Mark Wielaard  <>

        Integrate work by Raif S. Naffah (
        * java/security/ (provider): Now package private.
        (getInstance(String)): Use getInstance(String,Provider).
        (getInstance(String,String): Use getInstance(String,Provider)
        (getInstance(String,Provider): New method.
        (getInstance(String,String,Provider): Don't cast DummyKeyPairGenerator.
	[... and similar changes for MessageDigest and Signature getInstance() ...]
        * java/security/ (toCanonicalKey): New method.
        (get): New method that uses toCanonicalKey().
        (put): Use toCanonicalKey().
        (remove): Likewise.



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