eclipse and gcj

Joerg Brunsmann
Tue Dec 3 08:22:00 GMT 2002

--- Tom Tromey <> wrote: 

> I think there are 3 ways to approach eclipse+gcj:
> * Compile Eclipse from source with gcj (I didn't try this at all)
> * Compile Eclipse from bytecode with gcj
> * Run Ecilpse bytecode using gij
> Compiling from bytecode seemed like a promising first step: we can
> avoid bugs in the gcj front end, and we don't have to touch Eclipse's
> build process (which until recently wasn't even available).

Can you provide a makefile or shell script for compiling all the 
eclipse jar files?

> We're missing some packages that parts of Eclipse need:
> (including,, javax.mail.  Ant,

Doesn't classpathX contain these packages?


> The result tried to start up, but failed.  As I recall the problems
> start because Eclipse relies on the ProtectionDomain for a class being
> set to something sensible; it uses the CodeSource in the domain to
> look for other files it needs at runtime.  Gcj-compiled native classes
> don't have this information set the way Eclipse expects, so problems
> ensue.  This is another area that could use careful investigation.

Is it impossible to set this information in gcj-compiled classes?

> The other thing I tried was running Eclipse with gij.  This seemed
> like a promising idea since it would let us see problems in our
> runtime coverage.  Unfortunately the problems come rather quickly.
> First, Eclipse makes heavy use of ClassLoaders and expects them to
> work properly.  We've always been a bit weak here.  In the end Andrew
> wrote a patch to let us handle ClassLoaders properly.  This required
> some gcc changes that I think he's still negotiating to get checked
> in.  Once his patches go in, I have some supplementary patches to fix
> a few related problems in libgcj.  (This means that more work down
> this avenue would probably be blocked pending these patches.)

Are these patches already cheched in?

> Second, there are still unfixed bugs in the libgcj bytecode verifier.
> One of these is already a PR; the others I found during this process
> are basically variants of the PR.  Quick fixes failed; in the end I
> just disabled the verifier in an attempt to make progress :-(.
> At this point I ran into a memory corruption problem.  It looks to me
> like a premature object collection or perhaps a heap overwrite.  I
> spent some time looking into it, but not enough time, and then the
> clock ran out.

Do you have a start script with classpath setting or something else so 
that others can try running eclipse with gij?

> What I found when taking this approach was that we never got out of
> the Eclipse startup; every bug in libgcj would cause Eclipse to halt.

Sounds like eclipse i a good test case for gcj/libgcj. 

Trying to compile the eclipse source code could be done by using the
existing ant build scripts from eclipse and setting the 'build.compiler'
property to 'gcj'. Is this worth trying?



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