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Ranjit Mathew
Mon Dec 2 22:27:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz wrote:
> How about non-DWARF platforms?  Is there an easy place to stick in
> platform-specific hacks for, say, Win32 (which has no DWARF2)?

A problem is that the MinGW GCC 3.2 came with DWARF2 EH,
while with the newest 3.2.1 release, it has reverted to
SJLJ. :-(

However, if the reported problems with DW2 EH could
be resolved, it would switch back to DW2 as soon as

So what should the MinGW GCJ port assume? Can it be
somehow made to work with both DW2 and SJLJ? Is there
some way of "detecting" at run time which mechanism
is in use and adapt accordingly?

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