cygwin issues

Anthony Green
Thu May 31 19:45:00 GMT 2001

Hans wrote:
> Unless its needed for some embedded platforms, we might consider
> getting rid
> of that in the trunk, or for some later version.

AFAIK, it isn't required for any embedded platforms.  It was added, I
believe, for PPC and Alpha Linux.

> Recent versions
> of the GC
> under Linux should
> 1) Look for __data_start, and if that fails
> 2) Look for data_start, and if that fails
> 3) Look for _end, and walk backwards until they encounter an unwritable
> address
> I claim at least the 3rd step should work everywhere, though it's
> suboptimal
> in several respects.

IIRC, the change was also motivated somewhat by issues related to data in
shared libraries on either Alpha or PPC Linux.  Do you believe this is a
non-issue now?


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