libjava testsuite problem under i686-pc-linux-gnu

Andrew Haley
Mon May 21 02:41:00 GMT 2001

John David Anglin writes:
 > The following error occured a number of times in the libjava testsuite,
 > the last one causing the entire make check to be terminated:
 > 0
 > 0
 > 0
 > lt-Divide_1: error in loading shared libraries: /home/dave/gnu/gcc-3.0/objdir/i6
 > 86-pc-linux-gnu//libjava/.libs/ symbol _Unwind_RaiseException, versi
 > on GCC_3.0 not defined in file with link time reference

I think that this is a version mismatch between and  I've seen this same thing before.  You may need to
delete shared libraries from your install dir, or better delete the
install dir altogether, delete the build dir altogether and rebuild.
Please tell us if it still fails with the current 3.0 branch.  

BTW, you didn't say what version of Linux and glibc you used.


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