question about load_inner_classes

Per Bothner
Thu May 17 23:11:00 GMT 2001

I managed to reproduce Hans's jc1 crash.  It looks like load_inner_classes
is involved.  If I comment out load_inner_classes, jc1 no longer crashes.
(However, the testsuite has some regressions that may or may not be

It would help if I understood the purpose of load_inner_classes.  Note
that I created load_inner_classes, creating it from code that Alex
that added to jcf_parse.c version 1.4 on March 14 2000.  This code
loops through the list of inner classes, calling load_class on each.
It seems an unneeded complication.  Not a big complication,
admittedly, but it I can get rid of Hans's crash by removing the code,
I'm tempted to do so.  Alex, do you remember why the inner classes are
explicitly loaded, as opposed to waiting their turn?
	--Per Bothner

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