Building snapshot on sparc-sun-solaris

Andrew Haley
Thu May 17 12:34:00 GMT 2001

Tom Tromey writes:
 > The platforms I want to work for java in gcc 3.0 are:
 > * x86 Linux
 > * PPC Linux
 > * IA-64 Linux
 > * alpha Linux
 > * Sparc Solaris
 > I've been doing x86, Sparc, and PPC builds with varying degrees of
 > regularity.  Mostly these do pretty well.

I'm happy with PPC now (0 fails) but my last patch hasn't yet been
accepted into gcc.  Once it has, I'll check in my libgcj chages.

 > I haven't gotten alpha to build (though Alex has) and I don't
 > really play with IA-64 any more (though Hans has had some success
 > there).

I'll have a look.

 > Usually Solaris builds work for me.  However I did one yesterday (from
 > the gcc3 branch) and, while the build completed successfully, Java
 > programs didn't run correctly.  I haven't looked into why not.  I
 > suspect the new EH code, but that is just a guess.

I suspect we need some new code to make EH work on Sparc.


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