java to RTL

Mohammad O'mara
Wed May 16 07:00:00 GMT 2001

I know that we talked alot about Java to RTl , but 
this maybe a new issue .. i'm working on optimizing java code on the level of 
JVM assembly code , this Java code maybe targeting hardware not only software , 
i.e. in my java description i describe some hardware functions like multiplexers 
and decoders and so , in order to map these parts on a silicon chip finally . 
all i need to know know if there is a possiblity to reach an RTL format of my 
JVM bytecodes , and from this RTL presentation i optain a hardware circuit on 
the RTL level , then carryout the optimization from the point of view of a 
hardware engineer not a software engineer .. and then reach the best solution 
say based on the speedest hardware circuit representing my functionality that i 
already wrote in java previousely .. and back again from the optimized RTL to 
JVM instructions or simply a bytecode for that RTL ?
please , send a reply even for one of all those 
things am asking about :) .. this could help indeed ..

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