Patch for an off by one error in _Jv_FindIIndex

Bryce McKinlay
Wed May 16 06:37:00 GMT 2001

On Wednesday, May 16, 2001, at 08:14  PM, Martin Kahlert wrote:

> The subject says it all.
> ioffsets[0] contains the length of ioffsets (including itself).
> Thus its last accessible entry is at index position ioffsets[0]-1
> (found by Electric Fence and a hello world example)

Cool, thanks for finding these. Clearly nobody has run libgcj with 
electric fence before!

> PS: Is there anybody besides Tom (how seems to be busy with other items 
> these
>     days), who can commit such simple bugfixes?
>     I have two other patches pending
>     (cf. Threads 'Library problem in on Linux'
>     and 'Is this bugfix correct (')

I will commit bug fixes for most parts of libgcj when I have time 
(usually when I'm bored at work ;-). These patches in particular are to 
my code so I'll take a good look at this tomorrow and commit. The JNI 
patches however I have left to Tom since I'm not very familiar with 
either JNI or our (Toms) implementation of it.


   [ bryce ]

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