Library problem in on Linux

Martin Kahlert
Thu May 3 07:28:00 GMT 2001

I need some helping hand on this:

I try to link native methods to be statically linked into an executable on Linux.

This does not work. I used --whole-archive, but that only ensures, that the
needed methods are linked into the executable, which is a good thing.
Then i thought, that --export-dynamic would be good and used that, too.

The real problem seems to be the final line
return lt_dlsym (NULL, symname);
inside java/lang/

I thought, that would search symname inside the executable, but this is not
the case: The first executable instruction of lt_dlsym inside
libltdl/ltdl.c:1663 is this:

if (!handle)
 return 0; 

So the call in is a pure nop.

Unfortunately, i do not have any clue, how to correct this.
I assume, the executable has to be added to the libraries list
using add_library but i do not know, when and how this should be done.
(java::lang::Runtime::init? lt_dlinit?)

Please give me some hints.
Thanks in advance,

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