Next Problem: ALPHA OSF1 and HelloWorld

Antonio Ake
Thu Jul 19 12:28:00 GMT 2001

Could you  tell me what function I need to check to see if the problem
are the static constructors?

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Andrew Haley wrote:

> Antonio Ake writes:
>  > Due to my problem with mips-tfile, I tried to compile by hand my
>  > some check it?(bottom part of email). I have hello
>  > executable (finally I
>  > have helloworld executable) BUT It is not working. I have a core dump.
>  > This is the backtrace of hello.
>  > I know that my problems could be related because I am not using GNU ld and
>  > GNU as, but they are not supported in my OSF1 V5.0 910.
> That may be the problem.
> Also, it may be related to a problem that we already know about to do
> with static constructors.
> It's a shame that we can't see more of the backtrace.  That would tell
> us if the fault is occurring in a static constructor or not.
> Andrew.

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