_ZN4java4lang5ClassC1Ev multiple defined in Alpha OSF1

Antonio Ake ake@ecn.purdue.edu
Sun Jul 15 01:21:00 GMT 2001

I am working with 3.0.1 and my architecture is OSF1 V5.0 910
alpha I am trying to build libgcj, the new problem is this:

creating reloadable object files...
creating a temporary reloadable object file: .libs/libgcj.la-2.o
ld -r -o .libs/libgcj.la-1.o .libs/prims.o .libs/posix.o .libs/jni.o
.libs/exception.o .libs/resolve.o .libs/defineclass.o .libs/interpret.o
.libs/name-finder.o gnu/gcj/convert/.libs/JIS0208_to_Unicode.o

Error message:
java/lang/.libs/Class.o: _ZN4java4lang5ClassC1Ev: multiply defined
make[2]: *** [libgcj.la] Error 1

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