debugging threads vs processes

Tom Tromey
Fri Jul 13 08:22:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:

Per> Thanks to everybody who responded!  I still have no idea why the
Per> server is crashing (possibly some weird interaction between
Per> Apache's use of threads and Java's use of threads?), but my
Per> confusion is now at a higher plane of enlightenment!

Jeff> Hmm... are you loading dynamically?  The GC may not
Jeff> track threads properly unless it is loaded at startup.

It might be worse than that.  boehm-gc overrides various pthread_*
functions so that it can keep track of what is going on.  Apache might
need to be recompiled so that it calls these functions.  At least, if
Apache uses threads and if it can create new threads that use libgcj
without notifying the GC.  This is all platform dependent.  Offhand I
don't know which platforms use overrides and which use other methods.


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