Jeff Sturm
Thu Jul 12 21:08:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:
> I'm just about to test this patch. So what was the idea? Defining a
> set of applications which execution would test the compiler from
> regressions? A we reached conclusion? Or was it for the 3.0?

I think application testing was discussed several months ago.  A list of
candidate apps was posted here, and I picked one and began running its
test case.

Unfortunately I never finished.

Jacl has a comprehensive test suite that covers a lot of
java.lang.reflect.  I haven't yet identified all the libgcj bugs that
cause it to crash.  Nor have I had much time to spend... it should be in
GNATS, I know.

Eventually it'll be a nice regression test, probably for 3.1, as it will
not work on 3.0.1 (though it does compile with 3.0).


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