What classes have depth==0?

Martin Kahlert martin.kahlert@infineon.com
Thu Jul 12 06:31:00 GMT 2001

I have the problem, that inside java/lang/natClass.cc
(function _Jv_IsAssignableFrom) i get at the very last if an SEGV 
whith my app: I end up with
ancestors = 0x41cfafec, source->depth = 5 target->depth = 0
If i get here, target is no
- array,
- Interface
- primitive
- ObjectClass
So what the heck is it? The error shows up when compiling a very
huge application with libefence.

gdb (5.0) claims, that the function was called by java::lang::String::concat
inside natString.cc, but the line is the start of the routine
(in fact it only contains a {).

Any ideas???


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