Some questions

Andrew Haley
Thu Jul 12 05:04:00 GMT 2001

Mark Wielaard writes:
 > This looks a bit like the bug discussed in
 > < >
 > < >
 > Maybe the patch in those emails helps?

 > Note that I don't know exactly why it fixes the problem in that case
 > and nobody else seems to have looked at it.

I don't think that the patch can be correct.  We need to find out why
_Jv_FindClass returns null in this case.  I've never seen this happen.

 > > How do you guys debug? Where do i have to set a breakpoint and in which
 > > thread?

I don't understand the issue here.  Surely all that is required is to
add a line like 

if (catch_type = NULL)
   printf ("BANG\n");

and use gdb to put a breakpoint on that line.  Are you not familiar
with gdb?


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