more gcj 3.0 fun -- catch { try {...}...}, encodings

David Brownell
Thu Jul 12 02:12:00 GMT 2001

> I was able to reproduce the problem ...

Good!  I wish I'd been able to create a smaller testcase for you though.

> I also fixed the problem that prevented xmlconf from been built from
> source (there's patch already on java/3285 that I'll be checking in
> soon.)

Oooh, I want it!  Didn't see it on java-patches (archive) yet though.
That was indeed the same bug, I take it?

>     With CLASSPATH pointing to a javax.servlet implementation (I
> used Jakarta's) we're down to three rather innocuous errors:

All that "xml.vendor" stuff is gone from the ClasspathX version.
No need for it any more.

> So maybe the build from source approach could be revisited...

I'd love to see the ClasspathX version build with GCJ from source.
For now I'm planning to leave the "xmlconf" version as-is.

- Dave

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