Java tools

Nic Ferrier
Tue Jul 10 11:45:00 GMT 2001

>>> Brian Jones <> 10-Jul-01 7:24:44 PM >>>

   Copyright assignment is useful for making the 
   core libraries legally defensible in whole from a 
   single party, the FSF.  

I don't think that there's a particular problem with (c) assignment.
The reasons for requiring it can be easily explained (protection for
developers more than anything).

On the other hand, the onus is then on us to ensure that the
programmers we're accepting from have done everything right (ie: not
copied Sun (or any non-free) code).

   To date I don't think we've refused to accept code 
   under a different license for tools.  Certainly a simple 
   javap, javah, and javadoc would be nice to have.

Well then. It seems the best thing to do would be to create a module
for javadoc and ask Julian to join you. 

Let me know privately if you want me to do it (in which case you'll
have to set me up on Classpath's savannah) or if you'll talk to him

His mail address is:

There is at least one other person who hacks on the texidoclet.


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