Java tools

Nic Ferrier
Tue Jul 10 08:57:00 GMT 2001

>>> Tom Tromey <> 10-Jul-01 4:29:31 PM >>>

   I don't have a real objection.  But I think that adding 
   a new project every time does make things more difficult.

In what way?

   I'd prefer to see us simply expand the mandate of, say, 
   Classpath and then just put more things in it.

I'd be happy with that too, perhaps Classpath would need a seperate
CVS module for each tool but I don't see a major organizational
problem either way.

The only trouble with Classpath is that it requires (c) assignment
and the 'exception' licence. 

A large part of this problem could be obviated if the Classpath
administrators choose to accept tools under non-exception licences,
eg: plain GPL or LGPL.

What do the Classpath people think?


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