package declaration

Mohammad O'mara
Mon Jul 9 10:15:00 GMT 2001

I wanted to generate an executable file for my 
application , so I generated the object files successfully. But when linking 
them it gave me strange errors moving me to 2 files under /temp and I 
didn't find these files ! .. I tried many things to debug my source code . and 
by accident I doubted the package declaration , which is very normal for example 
when dealing with JDK .. package packagename ; ... and I deleted this 
line from my source code .. and it worked like that generating the exe file ! .. 
so , is this something normal in gcj and I don't know ?! .. maybe there is 
something conventional in that and I don't know .. please help me in that , 
because I have lots of source files and I'll delete that from them all .. 


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