date formatting

Bryce McKinlay
Sun Jul 8 18:32:00 GMT 2001

Nic Ferrier wrote:

> I think Tom mentioned (a day or two ago) some problems with the
> java.text date formating implementation.
> It certainly is broken in my GCC 3.0 distrib.

Yep. The mainline has various fixes that 3.0 doesn't, however even there
are still numerous problems.

> Paperclips needs date formatting to do conditional-gets so I need it
> fixed in GCJ.
> I'm happy to do it, does anybody have a view of what is broken? Is it
> fundamentally screwed or just a little bit wonky?

My impression from looking at this a bit recently is that its mostly not
fundamentally broken,  just buggy or incomplete in some cases and
implementing older versions of the spec in others.

Calendar and (Simple)DateFormat in particular are still quite buggy, and
I have several fixes (including one that makes it Y2K compliant, hehe)
in my local tree that I hope to finish and check in during the next few
weeks as time allows. Unfortunately I'm constrained a bit when working
on this Date stuff as I don't have a copy of the appropriate JCL book.
If anyone wants to donate a copy of a JCL book to help further
GCJ development please let me know ;-)


  [ bryce ]

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