[3.0] RFC: generate java man pages from texi sources

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Fri Jul 6 12:06:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

Matthias> This patch adds support for generation and installation of
Matthias> man pages for the java tools (gcj, gcjh, jv-scan,
Matthias> jcf-convert, gij).

I looked at this patch.

Matthias> - texi2pod.pl is merged from binutils and extended to
Matthias> support the '-' in program names.

I know nothing about this program and can't comment on this part of
the patch.

Matthias> - unsure about how to handle the installation of gij.1. It's
Matthias> documented in gcc/java/gcj.1, but built in
Matthias> libjava. Unfortunately not for all targets that gcj is built
Matthias> for.

Always installing it is fine.  I think we could build gij for any
target.  It will be useless in some situations, but that isn't

Matthias> 	* gcj.texi: Markup for man page generation. Document missing
Matthias> 	options printed by <tool> --help.
Matthias> 	* Make-lang.in (generated-java-manpages, $(srcdir)/java/*.1):
Matthias> 	New targets.
Matthias> 	(java.install-man, java.uninstall, java-maintainer-clean) Updated.

In general this looks great.  I have some nits to pick, but nothing

Matthias> +gcj [@option{-I}@var{dir}@dots{}] [@option{-d}@var{dir}@dots{}]
Matthias> +    [@option{--classpath}=@var{path}] [@option{--CLASSPATH}=@var{path}]
Matthias> +    [@option{-f}@var{option}@dots{}] [@option{--encoding}@var{name}]
Matthias> +    [@option{--main=}@var{classname}] [@option{-C}]
Matthias> +    [@option{-W}@var{warn}@dots{}] [@option{-D}@var{name}[=@var{value}]@dots{}]
Matthias> +    @var{sourcefile}@dots{}

`--encoding' needs an `='.
For `--main', the `=' should be outside the braces.

Too bad we can't auto-generate the synopsis from the existing option
text.  That would be easier to maintain.

I think this patch should definitely go in.  Technically I think I
can't approve patches to gcj.texi.  However, I think I ought to be
allowed to, since I wrote most of it.  Alex, is that ok with you?


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