Progress update with gcj on cygwin

Julian Hall
Thu Jul 5 13:16:00 GMT 2001

OK, just to let those of you who have been helping out/keeping track/etc
know, I've managed to get a version of gcj + libgcj compiled under
cygwin, but unfortunately the library crashes during initialisation.  I
have now tracked the problem down to occurring during the stack
unwinding process, which unfortunately I understand very little about.
The process is initiated by Integer.parseInt() throwing a
NumberFormatException during the initialisation of timezones (it is
optimistically attempting to parse an int after the letters 'GMT' in the
timezone 'GMT'...), and results in the abort() function at line 981 of
gcc/unwind-dw2.c being called.

If anyone wants to try to figure out what's going on I'll be more than
happy to help out, but for the time being this is a dead end to me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try again with SjLj exceptions.  I'll keep
everyone posted of any success/failure I might have.


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